PCI Celebrates 4th Foundation Day on the theme “Increasing Importance of Physiotherapy in Human Life."

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PCI Celebrates 4th Foundation Day

PCI Celebrates 4th Foundation Day on the theme “Increasing Importance of Physiotherapy in Human Life."

Physiotherapy Confederation of Intellective marked its 4th Foundation Day by organizing a conference and felicitation ceremony. The event centered on the theme “Increasing Importance of Physiotherapy in Human Life." The ceremony took place at the auditorium of Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat, Delhi, on Sunday, January 28.

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The program commenced with a ceremonial lighting of lamps and an invocation to the deities by Dr. Jwala Prasad, Director of the Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, and other esteemed guests. Dr. Ravi Shankar Ravi, the National President of PCI, addressed the audience, emphasizing the increasing importance of physiotherapy in human life and discussing ways to make physical therapy more effective in healthcare.

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Dr. A. K. Soni, Chairman of PCI from Bihar, emphasized the contemporary relevance of physical therapy and urged professionals to advocate for its benefits to the public.

During the event, doctors in the field of physiotherapy presented new research and information, sharing their experiences with the audience. The Physiotherapy Confederation of Intellective also honored experienced doctors for their outstanding services in the field.

As part of the celebration, six distinguished individuals from the social service sector were awarded honorary degrees by Inter Globe Digital University in collaboration with the Inter Globe Education & Research Foundation. The awardees included Sh. Shyam Sunder Aggarwal (Ex Mayor), Sh. Jaiprakash (Ex. Mayor), Sh. Rais Khan Pathan, Dr. Sumitra Singh, Sh. Deepak Dhawan, and Dr. Kamal Hasan.

Dr. Anil Verma, Director of Inter Globe Education & Research Foundation, discussed the positive aspects of physiotherapy and highlighted the ongoing transformations in the education sector, suggesting a shift towards digital education.

Adv. Pawan Saini, Chairman of Mahatma Gandhi University, Sikkim, praised the service-oriented attitude of doctors in the field of physiotherapy and encouraged raising awareness about its benefits among the public.

The event also witnessed contributions from notable speakers like Dr. M.K. Vajpayee, Vice-Chancellor of Capital University, Jharkhand, who emphasized the expansion of PCI for the welfare of doctors working in the field of physiotherapy.

The Patrons of PCI, including Shri Deepak Dhawan, and other speakers shared their experiences and thoughts on physiotherapy during the event. The success of the program was attributed to the collaboration and support from PCI members, including Dr. Deji Singh, Dr. Kamal Hasan, Dr. Pradeep, Dr. Prerana Bharti, Dr. Rajneesh Srivastava, Dr. Ram Brij, Dr. Shaillesh, Dr. Mona Bhardwaj, Dr. Dr. Chetan Sharma, Dr. Saransh Verma, among others.

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The event's focal point, the stage, was expertly managed and facilitated by Dr. Satyam Bhaskar, a physiotherapist and accomplished poet, along with Dr. Nidhi Sharma. Their joint efforts ensured the success and smooth execution of the program, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

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