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CAA: Justice To Those Who Were Left Behind In Pakistan In 1947

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A note to the libtards opposing CAA!

Well! before coming to the point, let me congratulate you that CAA has come into force now. Yes, I feel glad that even after hundreds of your protests and endless chanting of anti-national slogans, it has made a successful journey from being a bill to become an act and finally coming into effect.

Let's come to the point now!

What is CAA, according to you?

A communal act, right? Well! let me clear your myth it's not a communal act but justice to those who were left behind in Pakistan and Bangladesh during separation. Justice to those who weren't financially capable to move to India during separation in 1947. Justice to those who survived the actual consequences of the partition which you or I cannot even imagine. Justice to those who have been bearing extreme communal violence in Pakistan for the last 70 years and still remained true to their religion, true to their culture and true to their Bharat.

Do you even imagine what the Hindus and Sikhs who were left behind in Pakistan during separation have been through for years? Men have been brutally killed, girls have been sexually harassed and everyone has been forced to accept Islam. Mind you, these words might sound very simple to us but the pain and mental torture that these people have been through is just beyond our imagination.

And today, when somehow they've managed to move to India, you're putting questions on their right to citizenship? Seriously? Don't forget that they are as Indian as you're. Probably, more Indian than the ones chanting anti-national slogans behind the masks of students.

This Act doesn't promise citizenship to Muslims and it shouldn't even! After all, the separation occurred in the name of religion. With all the respect to Islam and its followers, I would like to make it clear that Muslims moved to Pakistan with their own will and the ones who chose to stay loyal to their land and remained here are happily and freely living in India and no Act, no power, nobody can even touch them. Neither CAA nor NRC or any other act or power can ever harm them. They're are here with all their rights and are as Indian as I am.

Now, an obvious question to the so-called seculars, did you even try to understand the fundamental idea behind CAA before actually instigating all this mayhem? Well! seeing your illogical and rubbish theories against this Act, I am sure you didn't. Because if you had tried even a little bit to understand CAA, then today you probably would have been standing with humanity instead of creating unnecessary chaos in the country.

Lastly, the ones who keep barking that we're not a democracy anymore or we're moving towards a dictatorship, don't forget that the present government is the only government after 1984 who won 303 seats and is in power with 100% mandate. Just to remind your weak minds, that unlike the previous governments, the present ruling party is doing each and every thing as per its manifesto. Yes, right from Triple Talaq to the abrogation of 370 to Ram Mandir and now CAA, each and every thing was clearly written in the manifesto.

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